Kate teaches workshops in the US and Europe. See what is happening in your area. She is available to travel to teach by invitation.

Here are some of the workshops she teaches regularly:

The Therapeutic Journal
Learn how to use different journal techniques for personal development and growth.

Using Journals as a Therapeutic Tool with others
This workshop will teach you how to use classic journal writing techniques as a therapeutic tool with your clients, patients, students. This workshop is for practitioners working with individuals or groups.

Using the Reflective Journals as Self-Supervision/ professional support & Reflective Practice
This workshop is suitable for practitioners in many different fields who wish to wish to strengthen their ability to reflect on their work and offer themselves greater support and self-care through writing.

Autobiography of Place:
By looking at the places which have been significant in our lives we can understand more about who we are and how we got here. Writing allows us to re-enter different parts of our lives and explore the relationship between past and present selves and experiences.

With Mary Reynolds Thompson:
Wild Places Lost and Found: Writing the places of your heart, mind and soul
The relationship between places and people is complex and profound. Just as we imprint the places we pass through, places imprint our psyches and souls in a reciprocal/symbiotic way. This poetry and journalling workshop is for anyone interested in exploring the wild places within you and around you.

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