Adoption is a lifelong journey – don’t travel alone

This group has been meeting for 5 years and is currently accepting new members

When: Twice a month on Tuesdays

Dates for meetings in Meteorological Fall 2022:

September 13th and 27th

October 11th (yes, only once in October this time)

November 8th and 22nd



The adoption story continues throughout the lifespan because adoption is a lifelong journey.

This ongoing group is for any adoptee seeking community and a space to explore identity, emotions and experience in the company of other adoptees. People come to this group at different stages in the journey – some have traced birth parents, others have no information about their origins or may be beginning to learn more.

It is open to any adult who has been adopted at any age.

It is not uncommon for adoption-related issues to crop up unexpectedly throughout the lifespan. They can affect:
Life choices
This group will help you:
Tell your story
Find community & support
Share your experience
Explore your adoption issues including: what you know and what you don’t, ideas of ‘family’ and selfhood
Make sense of feelings and reactions
Discover your own meaning in your life

Writing is a powerful way to create your narrative, to find your healing story. The group will try some gentle expressive writing exercises and there will be opportunity (but no obligation) to share.

British author Jeanette Winterson says:
“ Adopted people may feel silenced.”
“We need new ways to tell our stories.”
“Adoption drops you into the story after the story has started.”
“We need better stories for the stories around adoption.”

Facilitated by Kate Thompson MA MA CJT
Existential Psychotherapist & Writer (and adult adoptee)